Core Drill Bits

Core drills (tip tools) are tools that attach to electric drills, vibration drills, hammer drills, etc., and make large holes in concrete, mortar, blocks, siding boards, gypsum boards, ALC, wood, instrument panels, tiles, stone materials, etc. It is cylindrical, has a cutting edge, and cuts out holes in a disk shape, so it is possible to efficiently drill large through holes. The shank shape is available in three chamfered types, hexagonal axes, SDS (plus), etc., so select according to the electric tool used. It is used for various work that requires piping in buildings, such as air conditioners, plumbing, ventilation holes, electrical wiring, etc. Maintenance parts include only a core cutter, center drill, or shank, and there are other convenient options if there is a water supply, dust cover, etc.

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