MISUMI Sales Tax Exemption Requirements

Misumi will remove sales tax from those customers that present a valid tax exemption certificate. To see if your company meets these qualifications, please take note of the requirements below.

  • A sales tax exemption certificate is required from the state the items are being shipped to.
  • Until the sales tax exemption certificate from the correct state is received, tax will be charged.
  • The name and tax id number in which that state has your company legally registered under, must be the same name and tax id number on your exemption certificate as well as on the account you are registering with us.

Please allow up to 1 business day for your exemption certificate to be verified and applied to your account. In the meantime, tax may be charged to your order. If you believe that the tax was charged in error, please contact Accounts Receivable or Customer Service and we will be happy to assist you through the tax refund process.



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