Electric Drill Bits

Drills for electric drills is a general term for drills that make holes and are for use on handheld type equipment called electric drills. They are also called drill bits. The shank part tool for attaching a drill bit to the main body of the drill and can be of shapes such as straight, SDS-plus, and hexagonal shanks, and NOS drills and the like with shank narrower than the blade diameter are also available. Select and use drills that fit the standards of the electric drill main body. Base material may be tool steel, harder high-speed steel, and the like, and there are also ones that are coated to increase the time that they remain sharp. Drills, where web thinning is performed on the blade tip, have good bite at the start of machining and improved work efficiency. Select the blade diameter and groove length according to the diameter and depth of the hole to drill.

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